Fertilization with Open Hydroponics Systems - Nutrient Solution Management, by
Pete Spyke, June 2010
Hydrogen Peroxide Injection Calculator - Microsoft Excel Template, by Arapaho
Agricultural  Services
OHS Operating Costs compared to Conventional Planting - Microsoft Excel Template
(use your own figures and estimates), by Pete Spyke
OHS Operating Costs compared to Conventional Planting - PDF File (Above template
completed with representative figures - fast and easy look), by Pete Spyke
Orchard Information Master (Used to set up new block or update existing block for Japie
Introduction to Florida Open Hydroponics and Advanced Production Systems, by
Pete Spyke
Powerpoint Presentation by Pete Spyke at All-Florida Ag Show, April 25, 2012 in Sebring
Arapaho Agricultural Services OHS Tools and Information
"Open to Change" -- Florida Grower and Rancher Article - October 2008
Advanced grove designs and cultural systems for Huanglongbing management -
a call to action
- Citrus Industry October 2008, by Bill Castle, Ed Stover, and Pete Spyke
Advanced Production Systems - A Pathway to Disease Management and New Perspectives on
Citrus Grove Value
- Citrus Industry Sept 2007, by Pete Spyke and Bill Castle
New Citrus Management Production Paradigms - Citrus Industry August 2008, by Tim
Spann and Pete Spyke
Australian National Program for Sustainable Irrigation Web Site
Australian National Program for Sustainable Irrigation - Introduction to Open
Open Hydroponics :  Risks and Opportunities - Stage 1- General Principles &
Literature Review,
By Steven Falivene - June 2005
Open Hydroponics :  Risks and Opportunities - Stage 1- 3rd December 2004, Mildura,
Workshop Report
Managing root-zone salinity for irrigated horticultural crops in winter rainfall zones
of Australia
- Good summary of salinity management
Open Hydroponics: Risks and Opportunities - Water, Nutrient and Salt Balance
- Hypothetical comparison between fixed and ET-based irrigation
Open Hydroponics: Risks and Opportunities - Final Report
OHS Resources from Australia (Great background info)
Netafim Drip Irrigation Maintenance Manual - The definitive work on the subject.  
Everyone new to drip is encouraged to read through this comprehensive publication.
Diagnosing and Avoiding Damage to Drip Tape - Irrigation Training and Research
Center   - Cal Poly Institute, 2008
South African Consultant talks about rainfall effects on OHS Irrigation Scheduling -
brief article about what to do when it rains
Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) - Netafim Instruction Manual
Drip Irrigation System Operation and Maintenance - Netafim Instruction Manual
Choosing a Drip Irrigation System - Netafim Fact Sheet
Fertigation Nutrient Sources and Application Considerations for Citrus.  By Obreza
and Boman.  Good appendix on nutrient sources.
  Galcon GSI Controller Downloads