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Newmarket Heath Traffic Plans
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Jockey Club Estates Overview

Rules for Using the Heath
(An example of the kind of rules for using open space)
A Rural Village where the Open Space is an
Integral Component of the Urban Community

    Because the entire urban community is connected in some way to the open space, it can be argued
    that the community exists as it is because of the open space.

Why is this important to the Treasure Coast?

    Newmarket is an example of how surrounding, attached open space can be connected to urban
    communities in ways that provide layers of value to the residents of those communities.  Instead of
    existing separately, they must build connections that enhance the viability of agriculture and the lives
    of residents.  Newmarket is a perfect example of just how deeply these can be integrated to achieve a
    pleasurable, and profitable, way of life.

    Newmarket is also a great opportunity to look at the concept of integrated design of the urban
    community and open space.  If we think in terms of ways to enhance the functions and values of the two
    by design, we can enhance the interaction.  In Newmarket, the function of the open space is designed
    into the urban landscape.  We can do the same thing if we modify the "urban planning" process to
    include the open space that is attached to and part of each rural community.  Right now, the planning
    process only considers the urban component.

How can we achieve these things when we don't have a horse industry?

    Newmarket has evolved over 300 years on it's own.  We don't have that long to find solutions to our
    agricultural and development industries, and we don't have the horse industries that created the
    Newmarket land use pattern.  However, we can use the same overall goals, and find the unique
    opportunities of our agricultural and recreational industries.  We may not have 2,500 racehorses, but
    you can't grow grapefruit in Newmarket!

Features to Notice in pictures and images below

    The use of the open space in Newmarket is structured and actively managed.  There is a governing
    group - the Jockey Club Estates - that conducts an ongoing process of interaction with users.  There
    are published documents outlining the procedures and addressing liability issues.  Users are informed
    and monitored, and land managers have the responsibility of enhancing the user experience.  This all
    shows that if you can plan down to the level of detail of the traffic pattern for exercising horses in the
    morning, there are clear ideas of how the open space is supposed to work.

Something to Notice -- in Newmarket, the Open Space defines the sense of place, not the urban

    When urban planners in Florida design communities, the "sense of place" is generally regarded as the
    urban area only.  The surrounding land uses are either ignored or walled off to prevent influence on the
    sense of place in the new community.  In Newmarket, the sense of place of the community IS the open
    space.  This is a very huge difference in philosophy that will be essential for defining the sense of place
    for a new rural community in Florida.

Who Owns and Manages the Open Space?

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