Diesel microjet system in citrus grove, with Netafim zone control and automated shut-down

Glades Grove wastewater in Citrus Grove for Tropicana Ft. Pierce Processing Plant
Turbine Electric Microjet system with Rainbird Maxicom controller, and Automated Drainage System
(This was the first Maxicom system in an agricultural application)
Irrigation with wastewater from impoundment
Automated drainage system for tailwater recovery and treatment
Maxicom custom-built control system designed
and assembled by Dr. Brian Boman.
Open Hydroponics drip irrigation system in Arapaho's Rock Bottom Grove.  Netafim NMC54 control system for
fully automated irrigation, flushing, and fertilizer injection.
A. H. Krezdorn grove at the Conserv project in Orlando -- retrofit experimental irrigation system to allow
comparisons with OHS and Microsprinkler irrigation.

    Arapaho has been installing irrigation systems for over 25 years.  We don't maintain a retail outlet, so our
    overhead is low, and we have the personnel, expertise, and equipment to install state-of-the-art irrigation
    systems at a minimum cost.  Since we also operate systems on over 5,000 acres of citrus daily, we
    understand the needs of growers, and always include features that will save you cost and time over the life
    of the system, usually at no added expense -- just creative design and installation.

    If you're contemplating a system, please give us a call.  Even if we don't end up doing the installation, we
    can still save you time and money for years to come.
OHS system