Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF) is an effective way to reduce the effects of HLB infection
    in many commercial varieties of citrus.  In our test plot, the trees have not been treated
    with foliar sprays of any kind for at least 3 growing seasons.  This format allows us to
    derive conclusions about the effects of CRF, and the natural tolerance of varieties to HLB.
    Arapaho Citrus Controlled Release Fertilizer Planting Videos
    Tolerance to HLB of Various Citrus Varieties with CRF
Valencias 9/12/2015
No Spray 2 Years
Same Valencias 8/2/2016
No Spray 3 Years
Psyllid Population in Block Receiving Spray Program,
in active CHMA
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Psyllids in Unsprayed Trees.  Note Tamarixia radiata,
released during flush
August 2016 - Navels on Sour Orange in Weirsdale after 7 months on Controlled Release
Fertilizer program.  Trees were declining from HLB.  Only one PFD spray and one Summer
Oil this season.
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